Melt-In-Mouth Pork Floss Seaweed German Cookies 入口即化肉松海苔德国酥饼 (中英食谱教程)
Baking Taitai
Baking Taitai
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  • 80 pieces
  • 1. In a mixing bowl, use an electric mixer to beat
  • 2. Sift in potato starch
  • 3. Add in pork floss and seaweed, mix well and form a soft dough
  • 10 grams each. Place on a baking tray line with baking paper
  • 5. Bake in preheated oven at 160
  • 6 。Remove from oven. Allow cookies to cool on the baking tray for about 5 minutes to prevent breakage before you transfer to a wiring rack to cool down further.
  • 6 。从烤箱取出,饼干在烤盘冷却
  • 2. German Cookies is a type of butter cookie, thus it is best to use premium and good quality butter like Echire, Lurpak, President etc., as it will make a difference of how your cookies turn out.
  • 2 。德国酥饼是一种牛油饼干,所以一定要用品质好的牛油如 Echire , Lurpak, President 等等,做出来的饼干才会又香又好吃。
  • 4. Would not advise to replace with Japanese seaweed as the texture is dry and different from Korean seaweed which is flavoured with oil and salt.
  • 4 。不建议用日本海苔取代,因为日本海苔是干的不像韩国海苔有加油和盐。做出来的成品口感和质感会不同,没那么好吃。
  • 5. Korean Seaweed can be bought at Singapore's SHINE Korean Supermarket's branches like Marina Square, Burlington Square, Far East Plaza etc.
  • 5 。韩国海苔在新加坡的SHINE韩国超市各分行买得到。



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