Japanese Cheesecake
What To Bake Today
What To Bake Today
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  • 6 Egg Yolks
  • 6 Egg White
  • 1. Melt (B) over double boiler and let cool. Double sieve (or triple sieve) mixture (C) and reserve.
  • 2. Using a whisk attachment, whisk egg yolks and sugar till pale and volume has doubled. Slowly add (C), whisk to combine till thick, smooth and lump
  • 3. Combine cooled (B) into the egg yolk and flour mixture, the consistency should still be thick. Optional
  • 4. Whisk egg white with cream of tartar till foamy before adding the Confectioner
  • 5. Stir in a little of the meringue (D) to lighten the thick batter before folding in the rest with a very light hand. Pour batter into prepared tin and "slam" the tin 1 or 2 times to remove trapped bubbles. (Tent the cake entirely, I lifted it slightly just to take photo.)
  • 6. Put cake tin in basking tray and fill it halfway with hot water. Bake in water bath for 45
  • 7. Reduce temperature to 140º C, remove tent and bake for 10
  • 8. Remove cake from oven and all "adornments" (i.e. the tin, foil and paper). Leave on wired rack to cool completely (try not to flip and cool it on its face, else it will inherit the grids) before refrigerating it for 2



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