Hokkaido Cupcake
What To Bake Today
What To Bake Today
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  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 3 Egg White
  • 1. With a whisk attachment, whisk together Egg Yolks and Sugar till ribbon stage (pale and thick). Add in the Oil, Milk and Vanilla extract, whisk to combine. Stir in the sifted Top Flour to combine and reserve batter.
  • 2. With a clean bowl, whisk the Egg Whites and Cream of Tartar till foamy before adding the Sugar. Continue to whisk till soft peaks.
  • 3. Stir in
  • 4. Scoop batter into paper liners arranged on a baking sheet, filling about
  • 5. Bake for 15
  • 1. Whipped the chilled double cream in a cold bowl till stiff peaks and whipped the chilled crème pâtissière to loosen it up.
  • 2. Fold the 2 together till a smooth luscious crème forms. Fill a piping bag and pipe directly into the cupcakes. Move outwards and release pressure from the piping bag. Remember to resist the temptation to overfill the cakes. Although the interior is super soft and can accommodate a lot of cream but it will burst eventually



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