Curry Puff
Happy Flour
Happy Flour
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  • 1 onion
  • 1. Heat up some oil in frying pan, fry onion till tender
  • 2. Add in curry paste and powder stir fry till fragrant
  • 3. Add in potato, salt and water continue stir fry till well mix and thick
  • 4. Dish out and set aside to cool
  • 1. Pour plain flour and rice flour into a big bowl
  • 2. Mix in margarine, oil and salt
  • 3. Slowly add in warm water into flour mixture and mix till it form a dough
  • 4. Dough should not be sticky, just knead the dough till the bowl and your hand is clean from flour
  • 1. Roll out dough on work surface till thin sheet
  • 3. Scoop some filling and place it in the center of dough
  • 4. Damp edge, fold in the other end
  • 5. Seal it by pinching the edge and fold in, press half the folded and fold in again
  • 6. Fry puffs in moderate hot oil till golden brown
  • 7. Place puffs on kitchen paper to soak excess oil and serve



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