Crispy roasted pork belly (脆皮烧肉)
Yin's homemade 盈盈巧手
Yin's homemade 盈盈巧手
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  • 2014 updates
  • 15 分钟.
  • Bake the pork belly at the center of oven for 50 minutes. 将包好既腩肉放入焗炉内焗
  • 50 分钟.
  • After 50 minutes, take out the pork belly and get rid of the coaarse salt. 过了
  • 210 度烤20-25分钟, 烤至猪皮松脆.
  • From my experience the rind will start crackling after 15 minuets at grill mode. 以我的经验,腩肉外皮会在



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